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Neha J Babbar

Neha aka the Captain, is a mathematics and physics undergraduate student and a scientific communicator. Their research deals with Solid State physics and Gravitational Wave physics. Their goal is to make science more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Rohan Aby Padiyath

The Vice Captain of the team. He is a space enthusiast, pursuing his masters in the same field. Working on the Multi-rendezvous Orbit optimisation of ‘floating’ space debris currently, he would rather prefer himself to be seen as ‘rollerblading through life’.


Shrivathsan Narayanan

An Aerospace Engineer from the professional front, adept in High Speed Aerodynamics; but for the love of the Earth, the skies and beyond, he is a vehement seeker of knowledge, constantly exploring the cosmos in its entirety in any possible form.


Srie Teja T

Almost a Computer Science Engineer. blah blah blah cool cool cool cool cool..Noice..blah blah blah blah blah blah. Someone take me to space. Valar Morghuilis


Jothika R

A girl full of dreams, with a profound interest in Astronomy and Space, she is pursuing her third year in an integrated degree in Physics; and she loves dogs more than anything else.


Sri Nandan R M

A student of Aerospace Engineering with a thing towards that which grabs his attention and for that reason, he keeps pushing boundaries, exploring different areas of study.


Manjunath N

Call him a hunter, for he enjoys solving any kind of challenge he is confronted with! He is currently pursuing his final year in Aerospace Engineering, trying to find his area(s) of interest.


Antariksha Mitra

A consistent learner, he questions everything, literally! Pursuing his third year of integrated M.Sc. in Physics, he's got a good experience working on Gravitational Waves and Exoplanets.


Aadithya R

A student of Aeronautical Engineering, working hard and smart to make a name for himself. His mantra is to turn weakness into strength, to grow and this is what he is, in a nutshell.


Aakash H Nair

He is one of the few cursed with knowledge, he claims! Doing his undergraduate in Aerospace Engineering, he has a staunch inclination and a good deal of knowledge in Astrophysics and Particle Physics to truly support his claims.


Atharva Pawar

A budding expert in the field of Mechanical Engineering, he is an ardent believer of Science, Science, and of course, Science.